I’m always thinking outside the box. With my broad skill set in the digital media fields, I am able to approach clients' needs from multiple angles including photography, design, and social media marketing. I believe in the value of communication and approach my projects as a collaboration between my skills and my clients’ goals. Whether you are looking for individual photography/design services or seeking to develop your company's online presence, please take a look at my products & services.

+ Photography

Engagement/Portrait - Currently available for bookings in the Galveston county region. Photos are sent to the client via Dropbox within 3 days of the photoshoot. 

1 hour photoshoot w/ 15 edited photos: $70

1.5 hour photoshoot w/ 20 edited photos: $80

2 hour photoshoot w/ 30 edited photos: $95

Event  - From sports to weddings and all events in between, I am available for booking. Pricing is dependent on the nature of the event and quantity of photos required. Please email with information on your event, project needs, and booking dates to get started!

Prints - Prints are available upon request.

Standard Prints: 8" x 10" : $25  ||  11" x 14" : $45

Please email for information on canvas or large print pricing information.


Custom Design Pricing - Every project is different. For smaller projects (such as invitations), I charge a standard hourly rate and guarantee project completion within 1 week.

Larger projects require an in depth conversation involving the specifics of your project before a quote can be given. 

Please email outlining your needs from the project.

Once we have a chance to discuss, I will send you a bid with pricing package options so we can get started!


+ Social Media

consulting | planning | content management

The value of social media cannot be overstated! Having the ability to reach out and communicate with your market on a personal level - instantly - is an invaluable resource for business. In this day and age, your digital media presence is the public face of your company; it is the first thing your customers see and evaluate.

This can make or break a brand, especially for small business. A cohesive digital media presence with consistent branding strategies across all of your online platforms - your website, Instagram, blogging, Facebook, Twitter, etc. - has the power to draw customers in from many different angles. Social media has the power to let customers fall in love with your company on a level much deeper than products & services. 

Email for more information on social media consulting, planning, and content management services. 

Consulting - Want to get online but not sure where to start? Trying to get your profiles off the ground? Looking to attract more customers digitally? Getting started is tough. Through analysis and training services, I can help you get your company off started with social media, recognize its current presence within your market, and/or determine which social media strategies are effectively supporting your brand and which can be improved. 

Planning - Based on your current social media presence, we can build actionable guidelines for brand cohesion and future growth, as well as methods to reach out and capture new audiences.

Content Management - Having social media platforms is one thing. Creating content that embodies your brand is the fun part! If you are looking to create cohesive, attractive content across your platforms - written, graphic, and/or photography - I am available to help with both short term and ongoing content management projects.